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dental financial grants

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 in response to Eliyahna333...   What I don't understand is the kind of dental service you are getting? My mother who was on SS got ALL of her dental work paid by her SS benefits.
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 in response to twiztid...   Have you tried your local social services / welfare office. They would best know of any grant-related programs and / or financial assistance programs that would be able to help you.

There are dental-related programs for those who are in the armed forces and I see from my own blog that there have been dental-related programs that pay for dental work being provided to people who have been the victims of emergencies like floods.

So there are these kind of programs out there - you just have to do the work to find them.
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 in response to twiztid...   I'm with you. I am either going to leave the planet, or rob a bank. I have heard that prison does take care of our dental problems, so if I get caught, I go to prison and they will fix my teeth. If I get away with the money, then the dentist will fix my teeth, and I'll annomiously pay the bank back a bit at a time. They want $6,500. to fix my teeth. I'm on S.S. and the government wants to cut that off too. Why would I want to be here? I've lived 70 years, my kids are all on their own, and everyone loves my cat, so he would find a new home, and nothing I have would bring in $6,500. I can't eat much with no bottom teeth except for the three remaining cowns I have left. I can't even gum my food because they are in the way. I spent $8,500 in 1991 to have these crowns. In 2005, I had new dentures (upper and lower partial) redone for $2,000 more. Now, I am on S.S., with no credit available, and no savings. Everything I have tried is a dead end.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   i live in connecticut. im not sure where to look for the information but i need help. badly. my dental health is decreasing rapidly. im clueless as to where i can find any sort of help and i dont know where to go from here. im ready to give up....
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 in response to binkie...   I am going through a divorce...and I have custody of my child. I have been in the Military got married and bought my dream car..and one day things just went bad and I lost my car, I filed for divorce and custody!! I've done wharehouse jobs, but the job I do now is a sub contracting job and called upon only if needed. I ran out of my unemployment in April, I've really been struggling!! Fortunatley I do have a job and work when I am called out....I am glad I have parents that help me out but I rather do this on my own and cannot! I did get assitance for my soon to 1yr old daughter..but need to make rent for next month and did not make enough to do that>>Where does a "father" get help..Indiana is (what I heard)"a womans state", which I feel is discriminating men as myself that try to do good for themselves and their child!! Please let me know..thank you!!
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 in response to zombiemom...   

Here is an excerpt from my grants blog:

Free Grants For Dental Care!

Many people are unaware of the services in their own home town. The ones that do know about it think it's only for helping handicapped citizens. Wrong. This program is in a position to help with free surgery, dental work and much, much more.

If you are employed, but a health problem may prevent you from continuing to work, your local office can help. Especially convenient for those who need a major operation, but have no insurance, This organization will pay for the doctors' visits, medication, actual surgery, recuperative equipment and physical therapy, as well as major dental work, too.

Please look in your area to see if you are eligible to apply for this program! 


So you see there are programs that exist that you may be eligible for BUT you are going to have to do the work and find the information so that you will be able to see if you are eligible to apply.  Either find the information yourself or find someone who will help you find the information on your terms.  It is just as simple as that.

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looking for financial assistance formy 15yr old dauther she needs draces .which we started .dut find we are low on funds .this is going to cost 7ooo,00over three yr with jer surgery next summerthanks .Doe
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Looking for financial assistance to help my grandson with his dental expenses. He needs some orthodonic work done very badly. For health and cosmetic reasons
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 in response to Roseb441702...   I would like to respond to this response.
I am uninsured and in need of perio work. Lost 60% bone in my lower jaw. I am only 41. My dentist will work with me on making payments, but the perio work, well, they want payment in full at time of service. I have an estimate of about $10k.
Unemployed single mom. who makes too much on unemployment to qualify for state assistance. AND, they did not know of any programs to help me and would not even try to help me.
Called local Dentistry school. They want payment in full at time of service also. AND their evaluation checkup costs more then what my dentists charges, almost twice as much.
Carecredit has an APR of around 29%.

so, what is a person to do who is at risk of losing their teeth. The drs know the situation is not good. Health and financial. Where does someone like me (and all others in the same situation) go to get help??
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 in response to queenann...   

Hello and welcome to Aidpage.

What city and state are you in?

Please check these two sites out for free or low cost dental work.



I hope you find help with those two sites.

Good luck getting your teeth fixed



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need assistant for needed dental work,unable to obtain loan. need work done for health reasons
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 in response to SoopMouf...   Please visit my homepage. I have a post on Free Dental and I can also get more informationif it is needed.Hope this helps. Good Luck and God Bless
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My teeth are brittle and breaking. I have mouth pain and difficulty eating and drinking. I am 54 and disabled. I have no money for dental care.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   Rose, What is the name of the agency I should be looking for. I had chemo and all of my teeth are breaking off to the gum when I eat.I need oral surgery and I have dieabieties. I have called around and can't find anyone to help...
Thank you
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 in response to Smilesometime...   

Hello and I am sorry you have cancer. There is cleaningforareason that wil help you clean your house in cancer information link.


And below is resources for cancer plus information

Wishing you the best and I will try to locate another dental clinic free on if I can find it.

Let me know how the search goes.

Best to you 


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 in response to Smilesometime...   Hi, you mention you are a cancer patient. I suggest finding your local cancer society if you haven't already, and tell them your situation with dental needs. They should be able to locate assistance for you. ((HUGS))
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Is there anyone that knows of a grant to pay for ur dental needs??? I am a cancer patient and want my teeth fixed, people who had money can write this off please I need help!!! 17,000 I'm quite sure with all this money in our economy there is some one to help someone improve their smile or even a dentist who will donate
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i have had all my top teeth removed and my bottom ones need to come out as well. i was given a denture that i am unable to tolerate. i am in CONSTANT pain. i can not talk or eat and am slowly starving to death.
i have called every dentist, social service agency, dental school, entered contests, even written to celebrities. All to no avail. There is no help for those of us with no money. ANYWHERE! If you don't have the almighty dollar, you die. simple as that.
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 in response to mandy111...   If you are talking about dental programs where you can get financial help for dental work then the first place to start would be at your local social services offices because they would best know of dental-related grant programs that can help you.

Others here have mentioned finding dental schools where you can get your dental work for free or at a much lower cost because the dental students need to work on people to help them develop their skills.

and lastly you can check with the dentists themselves because they would also be the best to know if there are any grant programs around relating to this.

It may take some work on your part but I can definitely tell you that there are financial programs out there for these kinds of things - but it will require work on your part to find them.
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 in response to Roseb441702...   how do you find these programs
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