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dental financial grants

JJ started this conversation

Looking for dental financial assistance or a way to get a grant to help pay for dental/medical needs.

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Hello I'm a medically retired Marine n Navy Veteran. I was retired after being injured in Iraq. The convoy I was in was hit by RPG's attack n UID's. Many of my comrades were seriously injured. I was thrown from the vehicle sustaining a broken neck, collar bone, two broken legs, torn rotator cuff, broken left arm, collapsed lung and broken ribs which left me in a coma for months. I have no complaints to this day bcuz I shouldn't be here! As to date I have recovered remarkably well considering the conditions. During the recovery my family left me in the care of my mom. I credit her and all of the Medical Professionals that aided me in my recovery. I am in school trying to acclimate back to regular life with a career. I have come out of the wheelchair n am walking. During the process of treatment I was extremely medicated which in return ruined most of my teeth. I am in the process of trying to get Implants which are estimated at the time to cost $25k at least. I definitely can't afford that so I'm trying every way possible to get some assistance. Suggestions please and I don't want any pity in the least! Semper Fi!
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littlelacie   in reply to Dartainu
Hi,you just need to search the internet on help with dental implants. We do not have cash on this site,so we cannot help or offer grants. There are a lot of grants on the internet,I know,you just have to continue your search.
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I would like to get implants hopefully with a grant assisted I have a job that really need my appearance to look nice
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myaandj   in reply to got next
Try google search for cosmetic dentistry grant. They cover quite a bit of dental options.
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got next   in reply to SisterServant
Help need help paying for dental work
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Hi there. My name is Valerie. I am looking for information on how to get help paying for my son's dental work. My husbands job just dropped the dental plan and we do not qualify for medicaid. He needs 2700 worth of work. I have looked into standalone insurance and I just dont think wr can afford another 70$ payment. I paid put of pocket for his appointment and xrays but they do not offer a payment plan and want 841 up front for his next appointment. We live in benton illinois.
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Hi my name is JaShena i am a single mother of 4 an I have 5500 dollars of work dat need to be done in my mouth an I really can't afford it I really need help its really I live In Houston tx please help I am 29years old an can't smile do to broke an missing teeth
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This is a very successful site to place a fundraiser for dental work needed.
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Attention all:
When submitting your post please include your city and state or just your state. If there are people who can assist anyone it would be easier if they knew what your location was.

Thank you
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siciliangal   in reply to WendiLawhorn
What an amazing friend you are to Christal. And I would imagine, she would do the same for you! Sometimes friendships between women are much stronger than sibling relations. First of all have you posted (or consider) posting this on facebook? If you don't want to do that, may I ask where Christal is located? I have been searching for a dentist to help me for over two years due to an incurable illness I have that has caused me to lose my teeth from medications also. In searching I have come across many organizations that may be able to help her depending on where she lives. If you want me to post your letter on some dental sites that I have found, I will, but I need permission from you first and then I will be happy to. Please get back to me on her location so I can further assist.

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Conan 9,
Where are you located?
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... keep smiling ...   in reply to Conan 9
That's a ridiculous amount they're charging. Call every dentist in the county-but some low cost clinics actually have dentists,and charge a very low amount. Not only that, they may let you make small payments as well. No idea where you are,but check into 'county agencies,whether you're poor,or not so poor.. that's a fortune that I would not pay. Most dents here would omnly charge have that,so keep checking-and you do not have to stay in your area!! Call dentists in poor areas and you will get a much lower price,if nothing else works. Best of luck to you.
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Conan 9
My daughter needs to have her Wisdom teeth removed and it costs $2800. My insurance will not cover any of it and I don't have that kind of money to pay for it. Not sure what to do.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to WendiLawhorn
Also dental school
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woman in a shoe   in reply to WendiLawhorn
Have her call the TN Dental Association they should be able to help her
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woman in a shoe   in reply to WendiLawhorn
Hi I just reading about your friend can u please give me your city state and county and I well look and see what kind of help I can fine for your friend. We can only give resources on here but I will do what I can to fine her some help
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To Whom It May Concern,
First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Wendi Jones Lawhorn. I am no one special in any way. I’m not widely known, have very little money, but I have a huge heart. This is why I’m desperately seeking any kind of help I can find, not for me, but for my best friend of twenty years, Christal Shaffer Hill. I guess you could say we are literally more like sisters. We refer to each other as “aunt” to each other’s children and she is closer to me than I could imagine some sisters could ever be. She has been there for me through good and bad, happy and sad, easy and difficult, as I have for her. She is one of the strongest women, or for that matter, people I have ever had the pleasure to have in my life. She has a disabled child, Cheyenne, a 15 year old teenage girl, who has severe cerebral palsy, mental retardation (mentally, she is about 6 or 7 years old), and she is legally blind. With all these disabilities, Cheyenne has never been able to walk or talk, so she is completely dependent on others. With her parents help, Christal has made it work and has never complained. In addition, she has neglected to take care of herself that has resulted in a tremendous amount of pain. For this reason, I am compelled to share her story and try to find a way to help her.
In 2001, Christal was still married to the father of her child and with the help of his insurance, she was able to receive a gastric bypass surgery that was necessary for her health. In doing this, she was told that it could cause tooth decay due to Roux-En-Y and the difficulty to absorb vitamins, and was instructed to take daily supplements, especially calcium. Shortly after her surgery, Christal and her husband went through a divorce and has received since, very little financial support and no support with caring for Cheyenne. This put her in a terrible situation financially and emotionally. Christal’s own needs instantly were put on the back burner, and she focused her entire being to her daughter. In doing so, she neglected her instructions to take vitamins thinking that this money could go toward her desperate needs of Cheyenne. Christal was also told that her only choice for optimal care for her daughter would to be a stay-at-home mom. After being told this she stopped working and lost even more income. Christal didn’t give up though. She was able to get on Tenncare insurance, and eventually fought her ex-husband for child support and it was settled by the state and she was to receive a suitable amount to help care for their child. It is almost humorous, because in doing this, it cut back the amount her daughter was receiving already for her disabilities, and is still receiving to this day. Even now Christal receives little to no child support each month, but social security can’t or won’t raise Cheyenne’s disability back up because of the support she is supposed to get whether she gets it or not. All of this has caused a financial catastrophe for her, and she is still struggling 13 years later. Christal still pressed on and went back to school online with the help of a grant, and has been currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology for the past 5 years, is on the Dean’s list, and is expecting to be finished in December of 2014, where she is in high hopes of a career of being a substance abuse counselor. Luckily, with the help of her parents, Ralph and Marty Shaffer, Christal will have child care. However, as of now, she doesn’t have a running vehicle and is in high hopes of somehow getting a running vehicle to even commute back and forth to work. Right now, though, she is in horrible pain, tooth pain, that as of late, been almost too much to bare for her. In her selfless actions, her teeth have suffered.
This has resulted in tooth decay, extractions, root canals, crowns, and the list goes on and on. The price she has paid for her teeth has been a devastating blow and so much more is needed for the general deterioration of the majority of her teeth. This is heartbreaking for her. Until around 2012, she had no history of dental issues and has been and still is very diligent about oral hygiene and the care of her teeth. She does have medical insurance, but Tenncare will not provide dental insurance for anyone over 21 years of age, and everything has been and will continue to be out-of-pocket. Christal signed up for dental insurance, but the amount that the companies pay is only for necessary procedures, and even those weren’t covered with more than $50 on the hundreds of dollars it costs to have them done. So the monthly payments she paid toward this insurance would have been more help to keep and put toward her procedures without insurance. She is already in debt for past due dental bills that she is struggling to pay and has been in so much pain for months, she suffers constantly. She has sought help anywhere and everywhere she could possibly find. She does everything she can to fit in small things to help slow this process, like taking calcium, fluoride rinse, and staying away from sugary and acidic foods. The truth is though, no one has truly been able to help her, and she is in agonizing pain on a daily basis. I hate how much this is making her suffer and I know the longer she has to wait, the worse this situation is going to become.
Christal is my best friend, my sister even if not by blood, the most dedicated mother I know, and most of all, a survivor. She deserves so much, but at the very least she deserves not to suffer anymore, emotionally or physically. I am asking, begging for help for this wonderful person that has sacrificed so much to give to others. I can think of no one in this world that would deserve this more.

Wendi Diane Jones

If you think that you could help or know someone who could please contact me as soon as possible. I thank you for your time.
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SisterServant   in reply to Ashamed916
If you read the posts by adcfmom, you may find some valuable information about how to handle your dental problems. Also, Christmas had posted some information on dental care at one time.

I am responding to your last sentence. "I don't know what to do, God please send someone to help me please!!!!

If you read through my public posts, you will see that most of what I have to offer are prayers that I write for individual persons. I have been on this website since November 30, 2013 when I "accidentally" discovered it. We know that with God there are no "accidents." I am still corresponding with some persons who tell me that prayers are making a difference in their life. So, here is a prayer for you. It is important for you to say this prayer EVERYDAY, at least once. More, if you feel like it.

Father God,
I thank you for this day. I thank you for all that you have given me. I believe that you love me. You know Oh Lord, the condition of my heart and my finances. You know how I am suffering with these dental problems. And you know the help that I need. I believe that you are the source of all good. Therefore, Lord, I am putting all of my trust in you. Right now, I claim my prosperity and my abundance according to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. I ask and thank you for guiding me in the right direction. Thank you for wisdom. I give you honor, praise, glory and praise in Jesus's name. Amen.

If you want this prayer to work, you must pray it from the depths of your heart. God is listening and God will answer in His own surprising way. This what I have learned about God. He knows what we need before we ask for it. He is waiting to hold your hand.

Write me back if you have any questions.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to LostMama
I think miss Janie has talk to her I mite be wrong but I think about 3 weeks ago there was something up. And it was about her house insurance saiding it was the wrong roof that was put on something like that. Miss Janie is Haven a heard time right now
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LostMama   in reply to woman in a shoe
Didn't someone have her personal email to contact her?
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